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  • Power Win

    Power Win Play now
    POWER & WIN, the best combination for a thrilling game! Fruits4Real’s latest game has all the elements you need. Up to 4800 credits per spin will make you go credit crazy and fill that Powermeter up until it explodes! So turn up the Power and Win!
  • Caribbean Adventure

    Caribbean Adventure Play now
    Check it out, our latest multi-player game - the Caribbean Adventure, take to the seas to uncover vast coves of burried treasures and bonus prizes to boot!
  • Mystic Player

    Mystic Player Play now
    Enjoyed Mystic Mysteries? Well double your fun, with the all new Mystic Player; twice the game, twice the mystery, and twice the prizes!
  • Starlight

    Starlight Play now
    A maximum win of 9600 credits per spin. Let that sink in while you feast your eyes on this beauty. Every bet can be your ticket to stardom with 48 win lines waiting to fill up the Win Bank. Tonight, you’ll be counting stars.
  • Turbo Joker

    Turbo Joker Play now
    Back to basics with the stylish new Turbo Joker. This is what it's all about: Smooth game play in the bottom game and crazy credit wins in the top game. Fill up the Super Meter with up to 8000 credits!
  • Twin Express

    Twin Express Play now
    Love the Multi Player? Then try the all-new Twin Express. With bets up to 50 credits per spin and 8 win lines, your win meters will fill up rapidly! Win up to 2000 credits per spin, and collect the three train symbols for another 2000 credits. All aboard!
  • Mystic Mysteries

    Mystic Mysteries Play now
    Are you ready to uncover the secrets behind this seductive high stakes slot machine? They say life is full of mysteries, we say it’s full of Mystic Mysteries! Get to know the game with easy 1 credit bets before you raise the stakes to up to 40 credits per spin. Collect the mysteries and watch the Supermeter fill up rapidly! Can you solve our Mystic Mysteries?
  • Gold Lines

    Gold Lines Play now
    Go for gold with our brand new Goldlines! The winning combination of the Oldtimer's bottom game and a high stakes top game makes Goldlines a fun-filled high roller! Bet up to 16 credits and watch your winnings skyrocket with up to 640 points per spin! Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but gold will truly make your heart skip a beat...
  • Steptimer Jackpot

    Steptimer Jackpot Play now
    All new to Fruits4Real, the Steptimer Jackpot! This very popular machine is more or less a copy of the Oldtimer/Twintimer. The upper game can be played with 5 credits at a time, 5 winlines and a maximum win of 400 credits. You can also play 40 credits per spin, with also 5 winlines but then an extra 3 nudges to maximize your win. Step up and play now!
  • Triple Action

    Triple Action Play now
    Released by popular demand and a true hit on Fruits4Real! Bet 5 to 15 credits per round. If you bet 15 credits and use the Wild on the third reel, you can even triple your prize! Triple fun, triple prize, Triple Action! Try Triple Action in fun mode and experience the action for free!
  • Turboplay Jackpot F4R

    Turboplay Jackpot F4R Play now
    Turbo Play Jackpot is a must-have for any casino! Using no less than 8 meters, this new and improved version of the famous Turbo Play has a maximum of 108 win lines. In the upper game you can also receive up to 4 Mystery Jokers worth 200 points each. Enjoy this powerful machine now!
  • Big Timer

    Big Timer Play now
    Experience this all-new, all-improved version of the beloved classic OldTimer. With its own unique Jackpot the BigTimer offers you an extra chance to win at least 400 credits in just a single round. If you get the three Jackpot symbols on the upper game, you win the Jackpot. For BigTime players only!
  • Wild Runner

    Wild Runner Play now
    No slot machine is as wild as Wild Runner! A maximum of 10 win lines will give you a chance to win wild prizes. Especially with the Wild symbols! Play for one credit on the lower game or bet between 5 and 20 credits on the upper game. High stakes can earn you high prizes! Increase your winnings by betting 10 or 20 credits and scoring a winning combination with a Wild symbol. Experience a Wild ride now!
  • Multi Player

    Multi Player Play now
    You saw the online Multi Player first at Fruits4Real. The classic look combined with the high tech gaming experience makes the Multi Player an all-time favorite on Fruits4Real. Play only the left game, only the right game, or both games at the same time. High bets provide fantastic odds with high prizes. Raise the stakes and take a chance on the Multi Player!
  • Twin Player

    Twin Player Play now
    Another first on the internet brought to you by Fruits4Real! This extremely popular machine has three game options: left game, right game, or both games. Well-known for its high winnings, Twin Player is a timeless favorite on Fruits4Real!
  • Magic Circle F4R

    Magic Circle F4R Play now
    Fun to play, easy to love, and beautiful to look at. Magic Circle will give you the ride of your life with a simple, yet very enticing game play. The upper game consists of a wheel with prizes spinning out of control! Play for 1 credit per round in the lower game and collect credits to play the upper game. Play Magic Circle for your dazzling dose of superb slots!
  • Jackpot Timer

    Jackpot Timer Play now
    If you like the TwinTimer, you’re going to love the JackpotTimer! The high bet of up to 20 credits per round and the extra large Jackpot prize make JackpotTimer a true thriller for every gaming enthusiast. All you have to do to win the Jackpot, is collect three Jackpot symbols in the upper game. You can also raise the winnings by raising your bet. Find out how you can have endless fun with the charming and easy-to-play JackpotTimer!
  • Red Hot Active F4R

    Red Hot Active F4R Play now
    Combine the four win lines with the 1, 5, 10 or even 20 credit bet, and you know why the Red Hot Active is Red Hot! Collect the four Red Hot logos and uncover a whole new gaming sensation. With four winning banks anything is possible. A truly mind-blowing experience for every player! Play Red Hot Active now and discover the hidden secrets of this surprising machine!
  • Random Runner F4R

    Random Runner F4R Play now
    Random Runner is a true classic and an indispensable asset to Fruits4Real. With the comfortable auto play, you can keep playing while having your hands and computer functions free for other purposes. With the second autoplay, you can use you winnings directly to play for higher prizes in the upper game. The upper game with its 5 win lines has remarkable odds. So get your blast to the past with this retro Random Runner!
  • Sweet16 Player

    Sweet16 Player Play now
    Twice the reels, twice the fun! The Sweet16 Player derives its name from 16 win lines, which give you 16 chances to win! The sky is the limit with up to a whopping 5120 points per round. Extra fun in the game play is added by the fantastic looks and realistic sound effects. Give the Sweet16 Player a spin now!
  • SuperJoker

    SuperJoker Play now
    Can you handle Fruit4Real’s SuperJoker? 8 rolls, 4 bets and no less than 108 win lines provide for higher odds and more fun! When the Total meter contains 1000 credits or more, the credits are automatically added to the Savings meter(s), which makes saving credits easier than ever. Also, you can take winning points from the upper game and add them to your credit meter. Find out what your winning strategy is with this ultimate machine!
  • Random Flashback

    Random Flashback Play now
    If you like the Random Runner, try the Random Flashback. With an added 0-1 game, 4 meters, and a mystery prize in both the upper and lower game, the Random Flashback is a guaranteed hit! Try the Random Flashback and let the smooth game play and easy-to-use functionality surprise you.